History and Vision

Our Beginnings

On October 4, 1977, the dream of bringing sacred music and impassioned preaching to enliven parishes was born. For nearly 40 years, our ministry teams have directed extraordinary parish missions with enduring impact on the life of the parish family.

Our Vision

Over the last twelve years, our mission teams have directed more than 450 missions in more than 95 dioceses in 49 states, and conducted a number of foreign tours in other countries, including Canada, the Philippines, Italy, Israel and Ireland. Millions have been touched, impassioned songs have been sung, ritual has come to life, and sacrament has been relived. Long after the missions have ended, the melodies continue to sing and the stories continue to echo within hearts of those who have come. Today, through the work of ILP, the fire of faith renewed continues to burn in parishes everywhere.

Throughout the years, it has been our privilege to work with some of the most extraordinary preachers and presiders in the country…priests who have nurtured and challenged this ministry to continue to grow in purpose, commitment and love. So it is that ParishMission.Org has been born. Through ParishMission.Org, we are proud and excited to present an expanded cadre of Mission Directors and Ministers of Music to present an unforgettable experience of God’s presence and love for your parish family.

ParishMission.Org is particularly dedicated to supporting the Pastor of each parish we serve. We understand and respect the awesome gift and responsibility that every Pastor is entrusted: to nourish, encourage and challenge the People of God within his charge and care. Through the parish missions, concerts and workshops we present, ParishMission.Org comes to support, amplify and to build upon the vision that belongs to your parish family.

It is our honor to serve you and your pastoral team in the work of bringing your faith community to life in a new and vibrant way. A parish mission directed by ParishMission.Org is about the People of God in your parish experiencing the passion and fervor of our faith as expressed through sacrament, story and song -- spanning generations and centuries, including parishioners of all ages, of every economic, educational, vocational and occupational background, coming together as the empowered Body of Christ.

There are few methods of communicating our faith that have greater impact or are more enduring than the use of music with Word and ritual. When we gather with hungry hearts to celebrate in prayer, Word, ritual, sacrament and song the rich tradition of our faith, we will surely be fed with a meal that lasts more than a lifetime.